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Joplin Plugin Repository

This is the official Joplin Plugin Repository. It is updated every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour.

If you are looking for the official plugin website, please head to


To install any of these plugins, open the desktop application, then go to the "Plugins" section in the Configuration screen. You can then search for any plugin and install it from there.


This repository contains the following plugins:

    Name Version Description Author
🏠 ⬇️ ABC Sheet Music Plugin 1.0.5 Turns ABC text notation into sheet music Laurent Cozic
🏠 ⬇️ Admonition markdown extension 1.1.0 Enables markdownIt admonition plugin, which enables formatting notes Massimiliano Masserelli
🏠 ⬇️ Advanced Tagging Rules 1.4.0 Allow tags to be subsets of other tags, write rules to move tagged notes to a folder Nicholas Hobbs
🏠 ⬇️ Agenda 3.7.1 An agenda/calendar/schedule panel for joplin that shows all uncompleted to-dos with a due date. BeatLink
🏠 ⬇️ AlertsPerfect 1.0.1 Use blockquote syntax to display the perfect hint block. jl15988
🏠 ⬇️ Athena 2.2.3 Import files from import a folder into joplin notebook as notes mit metadata (PDF text in note comment, no OCR) makaanneo
🏠 ⬇️ Attaché 1.4.0 Your attachment updater. Mass replacement of Joplin attachments (resources) such as resized image files, current music playlists, and any other attachments you need to one-off or regularly update within Joplin. Manu Erwin
🏠 ⬇️ Auto Alarm 1.0.8 Natural language entry of alarm date/times ZPH
🏠 ⬇️ Auto show active note in sidebar 1.0.1 Auto show active note in sidebar Eyal
- ⬇️ Auto Tag 1.0.3-rc7 Convert all octothorpe prefixed words into tags ZPH
🏠 ⬇️ Autolinker 1.0.4 Adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it creates a link to the note with a title matching the selected text. S73ph4n
🏠 ⬇️ Automate Notes 1.0.2 Finds blocks of javascript in the current note (blocks have to start with 'javascript' and end with '') and runs it as a function. S73ph4n
🏠 ⬇️ Automatic Backlinks to note 3.0.3 Creates backlinks to opened note, also in automatic way ambrt,cyingfan
🏠 ⬇️ Backstage 1.0.0 Scan and import files directly from your phone Asrient
🏠 ⬇️ Backup 1.4.1 Plugin to create manual and automatic backups. JackGruber
🏠 ⬇️ Better Code Blocks 1.1.0 Enhances code blocks with inline rendering, autocompletion, and more! Chris Kant
🏠 ⬇️ Bible Quote 2.1.0 Quote the bible direct in text editor Dante G. Barboza
- ⬇️ BibTeX 0.5.0 Use locally stored BibTeX files to integrate citation into Joplin Abdallah Ahmed
🏠 ⬇️ Bidirectional Links 0.1.2 Create bidirectional to other notes Ben Lau
🏠 ⬇️ Bulk Note Creator 1.0.0 Create notes as bulk Ahmet Altindis
🏠 ⬇️ Bulletify 1.0.1 Add bullets to all newlines in a note. Joplin options 'Opt-in to editor beta' is required for this to work. Gavin Rehkemper
🏠 ⬇️ bytefield-svg 1.1.0 Add support for bytefield-svg diagrams used to describe network protocols, memory layouts and any other binary structure. marc0l92
🏠 ⬇️ Calendar 1.1.1 A simple calendar to show notes created on each day. Ryan Sandoval
🏠 ⬇️ Calibre Import 1.1.0 Imports a Calibre Db into (Sub-) Notebook. Also includes a content plugin supporting attributes (see documentation) Jürgen Habelt
🏠 ⬇️ Code Section 1.0.6 Inserts a piece of code from code source Jürgen Habelt
🏠 ⬇️ Code-Clipboard 1.0.0 Copy the content of a code block to the clipboard bluulo
🏠 ⬇️ CodeMirror 6 settings 1.0.0 Line numbers, code folding, space highlighting, and other built-in options for the CodeMirror 6 editor. Henry Heino
🏠 ⬇️ CodeMirror 6 snippets 0.0.5 Exposes CodeMirror 6's built-in support for autocompletion and snippets. Henry Heino
🏠 ⬇️ CodeMirror Line Numbers 2.0.0 Enables line numbers for CodeMirror editor Shantanu Goel
🏠 ⬇️ CodeMirror Options 1.1.0 Adds some CodeMirror options to Joplin's settings, such as line numbers and line wrapping. FelisDiligens
🏠 ⬇️ CodePerfect 1.0.2 Make your code blocks look perfect! Support for displaying code block line numbers, support for one-click copying. jl15988
🏠 ⬇️ Combine notes 1.2.2 Combine one or more notes JackGruber
🏠 ⬇️ Complete Link 1.0.1 This plugin adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it completes the selected text into a note title (in a markdown link). S73ph4n
🏠 ⬇️ Conflict Resolution 1.2.3 A plugin that makes process of resolving conflicts easier. Ahmed Alwasifey
🏠 ⬇️ Container with Classes 1.0.0 Plugin for creating block-level containers with classes for customization Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Convert Text To New Note 1.5.1 Converts highlighted text to new one in same folder ambrt
🏠 ⬇️ Copy Anchor Link 1.1.0 This plugin add several icons next to the note headings that you can click on to copy markdown link of the specific heading. Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Copy Code Blocks 1.1.0 Add a copy button to the code blocks. Light
🏠 ⬇️ Copy link to active note 1.0.1 Adds entry to right click menu in editor to get link to active note a
- ⬇️ Copy Universal Web Link 0.1.0 Copy Universal Web Link Ben Lau
🏠 ⬇️ Create and go to #tags and @notebooks 1.3.7 Go to tag,notebook or note via links or via text a
🏠 ⬇️ Csv Import 1.0.1 Imports a Csv file or pastes a Csv text from Clipboard as table Jürgen Habelt
🏠 ⬇️ Cursor Sync 2.1.0 Keep Cursor Synced Between Editor and MD Viewer ylc395
🏠 ⬇️ Custom CodeMirror .vimrc 1.0.6 Configure CodeMirror‘s Vim emulation with a very-limited, vimrc-like file. Henry Heino
🏠 ⬇️ Day Review 1.0.1 This plugin adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it makes a review of the day's created/updated/completed notes and todos. S73ph4n
🏠 ⬇️ Delete folder & notes 1.1.1 Delete folder and notes without confirmation Albert Pham
🏠 ⬇️ Delete notes without confirmation 1.0.0 Delete notes without confirmation Albert Pham
🏠 ⬇️ Delete unlinked resources 1.0.0 Delete unlinked resources Albert Pham
- ⬇️ Dependency graph 1.0.0 Visualizes direct and indirect dependencies of a note as a graph. Vincent Nys
🏠 ⬇️ Disable markdown renderer 1.0.1 Disables the markdown renderer / PDF preview (and export) and WYSIWYG editor in Joplin for better performance JJ-8
- ⬇️ Discord Rich Presence 1.0.0 A Discord Rich Presence Plugin For Joplin arash28134
🏠 ⬇️ 2.2.0 (aka integration for Joplin marc0l92
🏠 ⬇️ Email Note 1.2.2 Send a note as an email EliasVincent
🏠 ⬇️ Email Plugin 1.0.0 Fetch your important emails as notes. Bishoy Magdy
🏠 ⬇️ Embed Search 2.0.0 Embeds list of links specified by search inside of note ambrt
- ⬇️ embedded tags 1.0.0 embeded tags Dave Edwards
🏠 ⬇️ Emoji 1.0.4 A emoji picker. Retr0ve
🏠 ⬇️ Enhanced Editing 0.1.0 An enhanced editing plugin for Joplin. YangBy <>
🏠 ⬇️ Enhancement 1.2.1 Enhance the markdown editor with live preview for math, mermaid, link, image, and more. It also includes other features for markdown rendering. SeptemberHX
🏠 ⬇️ Event Calendar 0.2.2 A simple event calendar Franco Speziali
🏠 ⬇️ Export To NotesOn 1.0.4 Export notes to NotesOn. shapkinaa
🏠 ⬇️ Export To SSG 1.0.3 Export a collection of notes to static site generator project. aman-d-1-n-only
🏠 ⬇️ Ez Table 1.0.2 Make markdown table easy Ken Sam
🏠 ⬇️ Favorites 1.3.2 Save any notebook, note, to-do, tag, or search as favorite in an extra panel view for quick access. Benji300
🏠 ⬇️ Folding in Code Mirror Editor 2.0.1 Allows to fold parts of markdown text displayed in editor ambrt
🏠 ⬇️ Font Size Shortcut 1.0.0 Adds shortcuts to increase/decrease font size mak2002
🏠 ⬇️ Freehand Drawing 2.9.1 Create and edit drawings with js-draw. Henry Heino
🏠 ⬇️ Function Plot 1.0.0 Joplin plugin based on Function Plot library to render function such as y = x * x Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Get Notebook ID 1.0.1 Copy/Show the ID of a notebook. For developers. A regular user won't need this. Helmut K. C. Tessarek
🏠 ⬇️ GitHub Theme 0.3.0 Joplin theme with colors of GitHub marc0l92
🏠 ⬇️ Google Fonts Plugin 1.0.0 Use a font available from Google Fonts to style the text selected in the editor. Zeal Jared Mayfield
🏠 ⬇️ Graph 1.1.0 Notes as nodes. Explore your Joplin knowledge graph. Antoine Gerardin
🏠 ⬇️ Headings 4 to 6 1.0.1 Adds menu items, keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons to the WYSIWIG editor toolbar to apply headings level 4 to 6 Rafaël Jafferali
🏠 ⬇️ Highlight Matching 0.1.0 Marks words that match the highlighted selection Daeraxa
🏠 ⬇️ History Panel 1.0.2 Joplin note browsing history Alon Diament
🏠 ⬇️ Home Note 2.0.0 Plugin to open a choosen note each time joplin starts. It is like homepages on browsers. Adarsh Singh(lki)
🏠 ⬇️ Hotfolder 1.1.1 Monitors a locale folder and import the files as a new note. JackGruber
🏠 ⬇️ Inline Tag Navigator 0.4.1 A system to organize, search, browse and convert inline tags and note mentions via dedicated panels. Alon Diament
🏠 ⬇️ Inline tags 1.3.0 Inline tags plugin Roman Musin
🏠 ⬇️ Inline TODO 1.7.0 Write TODOs everywhere and view them in one place. Caleb John
🏠 ⬇️ Insert Date 1.0.1 Adds a button to insert the current date (without time) into the editor. herdsothom
🏠 ⬇️ Jarvis 0.7.0 Joplin assistant running a very intelligent system (OpenAI/GPT, Hugging Face, PaLM, USE), including: related notes (semantic search), chat with LLMs and your notes, prompt templates, auto-tags and more. Alon Diament
🏠 ⬇️ Jira Issue 2.4.0 Retrieve Atlassian Jira issues information using their api in order to track the status of them from your Joplin notes. marc0l92
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin Anki Sync 1.0.0 Bidirectional sync between Joplin and Anki Lijun Chen
- ⬇️ Joplin Bible Notes 0.2.0 A Joplin plugin that helps find easily in which notes you spoke about a Bible reference. Tojo Rakotoarison
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin DDDot 0.4.2 Recent notes, shortcuts, scratchpad, and .... in a single sidebar. Ben Lau
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin Evernote Links Replacer 1.0.0 Replace Evernote links in Joplin Cyril SACENDA
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin 0.1.2 Monitor and automatically add hypothesis annotations to your joplin notebooks James Ravenscroft
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin Note Attachement rename 1.2.2 Joplin plugin to rename note attachments, makaanneo
🏠 ⬇️ joplin plugin app screen locker 1.0.9 A joplin plugin which will lock joplin app screen when it is idle. ladyrank
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin remark slides 1.0.4 export note to slides using remarkjs lemedege
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin to Todoist 1.0.1 Allows you to create a tasks in Todoist from Joplin and add it to your current note. A link to the Todoist task will be included in the note. A link to the note will be included in the Todoist task. Thomas Sloan
🏠 ⬇️ Joplin User Link Plugin 1.2.0 A Joplin plugin for custom links, like jump://?query=blabla. Cologler
🏠 ⬇️ joplin-excalidraw 1.3.0 use to write excalidraw in Joplin SkyfireLee
🏠 ⬇️ joplin-hackmd 2.0.0 Quick share notes on HackMD xardbaiz
🏠 ⬇️ joplin-hackmd 2.0.1 Quick share notes on HackMD. Hackmd共享笔记, 原项目( 醉客
🏠 ⬇️ joplin-hotkey 1.0.0 hotkey in joplin artikell
🏠 ⬇️ joplin-note-email 1.0.5 通过邮件发送笔记 醉客
🏠 ⬇️ joplin-plugin-cjk-breaks 1.0.2 Suppress linebreaks between CJK characters eqs
🏠 ⬇️ joplin-plugin-TimelineRender 1.0.2 render the timeline in the markdown funny-cat
- ⬇️ joplin2jira 1.0.0 Copies selected text or entire notes in Jira markup to the clipboard Mike Müller
- ⬇️ JoplinAW 1.0.0 Import your daily ActivityWatch logs in a readable format Kyle Roth
🏠 ⬇️ Journal 1.1.2 A simple journal. Create or open a note for today, or any selected date. Leen Zhu
🏠 ⬇️ JSheets 1.1.3 JSheets - use to write spreadsheets like excel in Joplin Thibault Jan Beyer
🏠 ⬇️ jTab 1.0.0 jTab 醉客
🏠 ⬇️ Kanban 1.0.7 Flexible kanban board plugin for all your tasks Balint Magyar
🏠 ⬇️ Kity Minder 1.0.16 Kity Minder Mindmap Tools 思维导图(脑图插件) James Chan
🏠 ⬇️ Kminder Mindmap 0.8.6 Mindmap Joplin Plugin, i18n seven languages, Import Xmind|MindManager|json|md, Export json|png|md calandra das
🏠 ⬇️ LanguageTool integration 0.1.0 Use LanguageTool for grammar and spell checking in Joplin Alberto Di Biase
🏠 ⬇️ Life Calendar 1.4.1 Life Calendar Plugin for Joplin Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Link Graph UI 1.5.0 Visualize the connections between Joplin notes. Trey Mo
🏠 ⬇️ macOS theme 1.3.18 Native looking macOS theme for Joplin. Also works on non-macOS devices. Andre Jilderda
- ⬇️ MailPlugin 1.0.0 Define a Mail adress and send mails to it, to add new notebooks MrHipppo
🏠 ⬇️ Make All Links 1.0.3 Searches the current note for mentions of other notes, then makes the corresponding links. Just click the new icon in the toolbar. S73ph4n
🏠 ⬇️ Markdown Prettier 0.1.0 Format your markdown by prettier shufo
🏠 ⬇️ Markdown table calculations 1.0.5 Plugin for automatic calculations of markdown table formulas. Oskar Świda
🏠 ⬇️ Markdown Table: Colorize 1.2.0 Add colors to markdown table syntax and help distinguishing different columns Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Markdown Table: Sortable 1.2.2 Sort rendered tables on the fly and apply it to markdown source text. Can recognize simple cases of number, money, date and sort accordingly. Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Markmap 1.6.0 Generate a mindmap using markmap Daniel Fomin
🏠 ⬇️ Math Mode 0.6.2 Turn your notes into a powerful calculator with inline math. Caleb John
🏠 ⬇️ Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons 1.1.0 Additional menu items, shortcuts, and toolbar icons, which are not part of Joplin core Helmut K. C. Tessarek
🏠 ⬇️ Metis 0.1.5 A Simple Task Manager Plugin for Joplin based on Todo.txt Specification Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ MultiMarkdown Table Tools 1.2.0 A collection of tools to make editing tables easier. Also supports GitHub Flavored Markdown! FelisDiligens
🏠 ⬇️ NLR 1.0.2 将joplin在记笔记的同时,变成一个网文小说阅读器,a chinese net literature downloader and reader plugin for joplin. fengQ
🏠 ⬇️ Note encryption 1.1.1 A joplin plugin, encrypt selected notes on the joplin desktop client. This plugin will modify the notes according to your instructions, please read the precautions before use. ztbxxt
🏠 ⬇️ Note Link System 0.8.0 A complete Link System for Joplin. Referrer(aka. backlink), Quick Link, Copy Anchor, Hover to preview, Url Icon, and much more feature ylc395
🏠 ⬇️ Note list (Preview) 0.4.1 Displays a note preview in the note list JackGruber
🏠 ⬇️ Note list and sidebar toggle buttons 1.0.3 Adds buttons to toggle note list and sidebar Laurent Cozic
🏠 ⬇️ Note overview 1.7.1 A note overview is created based on the defined search and the specified fields. JackGruber
🏠 ⬇️ Note Rename 1.0.0 A utility for changing the titles of many notes at once via prefixes, suffixes, or search and replace. cuibonobo
🏠 ⬇️ Note Statistics 1.0.4 Plugin to get note statistics Azamah Junior
🏠 ⬇️ Note Tabs 1.4.0 Allows to open several notes at once in tabs and pin them. Benji300
🏠 ⬇️ Note Variables 2.0.0 A plugin to create variables that can be accesed through all the notes. Dante G. Barboza
🏠 ⬇️ Notes Station Import 1.0.5 This plugin imports notes from QNAP Notes Station Jürgen Habelt
🏠 ⬇️ OCR 0.3.2 offline OCR auto/manually for images, videos, pdf documents in your Joplin notes ylc395
🏠 ⬇️ Outline 1.5.13 Outline (TOC) sidebar plugin for joplin. cqroot
🏠 ⬇️ Pages Publisher 1.7.1 Generate static blog website from your picked Joplin notes, and publish to Github Pages, with a few mouse clicks. Support preview in local ylc395
🏠 ⬇️ Paginator 3.0.2 Create paginated 2-column documents in joplin. Kostiantyn Rudenko
🏠 ⬇️ Paragraph Extractor 1.1.1 Extract specific paragraphs out of Joplin notes using keywords, hashtags or custom tags djsudduth
- ⬇️ Paste Special 1.1.2 A plugin used to paste special text into Joplin coderrsid
🏠 ⬇️ Persistent Editor Layout 2.2.0 Save the editor layout (editor/split view/viewer/rich text) for each note separately with custom tags. Benji300
🏠 ⬇️ Planner 0.3.1 A plugin that helps with managing embedded todo lists in notes, and parses note tags to schedule recurring items. Miguel Chateloin
🏠 ⬇️ PlantUML2 1.11.0 Render PlantUML diagram inside your Joplin notes. marc0l92
🏠 ⬇️ Plugin Bundle 0.5.5 Table of Contents, Inline Todos, Daily Notes, and History aggregated in one panel with more eye-candy UI design. SeptemberHX
🏠 ⬇️ Pseudocode Support 0.1.0 Typesets pseudocode beautifully in Joplin. YangBy <>
🏠 ⬇️ Publish to Web 1.1.0 Publish/Share notes to the web using github gist. Allows for easy sharing of individual notes. Readers can comment using the gist systems Daniel Bretoi
🏠 ⬇️ Quick Goto 1.2.0 Switch to designated notes using keyboard shortcuts Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Quick HTML tags 0.2.0 Create quick HTML tags. Martin Korelič
🏠 ⬇️ Quick Links 1.3.2 Create links to other notes Roman Musin
🏠 ⬇️ Quick Move 1.1.0 Collection of commands to quickly move notes to other notebooks. Benji300
🏠 ⬇️ Random note 1.0.3 Opens a random note from your vault Azamah Junior
🏠 ⬇️ Random Note Reloaded 1.0.4 Opens a random note from your workspace Fork: Marph, Original: Azamah Junior
🏠 ⬇️ ReadCube Papers 1.1.0 Keep syncing with your ReadCube Papers library, help you create a note for one paper and render the paper note with a formatted paper information table, automatically generate markdown style reference, and allow you to insert your annotations into the note SeptemberHX
🏠 ⬇️ ReMoods Theme 4.6.4 3 theme modes, 36 single-tone theme colors, 5 major html custom elements, and more... (Recommend to read about the Getting Started Guide on GitHub before use.) Sinacs
🏠 ⬇️ Remote-Note-Pull 1.1.4 This plugin will periodically pull public available markdown documents into your notebook and keeps them up to date hegerdes
🏠 ⬇️ Remove Images 0.0.2 Allows to remove images from selected note mak2002
🏠 ⬇️ Repeating To-Dos 0.10.3 A powerful and comprehensive plugin for to-do repetition/recurrence BeatLink
🏠 ⬇️ Reset Checkboxes 1.0.1 A plugin to reset all checkboxes in a file. Kamer Elciyar
🏠 ⬇️ Resource Search Plugin 0.1.2 Search in Attached Resources Roman Musin
🏠 ⬇️ RevealJS Integration 0.12.0 Turn notes into slideshows with reveal.js! Henry Heino
🏠 ⬇️ Rich Markdown 0.14.1 Helping you ditch the markdown viewer for good. Caleb John
🏠 ⬇️ Rubi and Furigana 1.1.0 Commands that insert appropriate <ruby> and <rt> tags to formatted text to display furigana. Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Save Note as MD 1.0.2 Simple plugin to export your current note as an MD file to the directory of your choice Josh Chavez
🏠 ⬇️ Search & Replace 2.2.0 Adds a search and replace panel to the Markdown editor. FelisDiligens
🏠 ⬇️ Semantically Similar Notes 0.2.1 Show user which notes are semantically similar to the one they are looking at marc green
🏠 ⬇️ Send snippet to different note 1.0.0 Sends snippet of text to any other note from any notebook ambrt
🏠 ⬇️ Simple Highlighter 1.0.0 Highlight/dehighlight the selected text Ken Sam
🏠 ⬇️ Simsapa 0.5.1 Plugin for Simsapa Dhamma Reader. Open a sidebar or double-click to lookup Pāli words in the dictionary, or search in the suttas. Gambhiro
🏠 ⬇️ Slash Commands: Datetime & More 1.3.2 Execute several utilities by typing a command that starts with a slash. Hieu-Thi Luong
🏠 ⬇️ Space Indenter 0.2.4 Indent paragraphs with spaces instead of tabs Alon Diament
🏠 ⬇️ Spoilers 1.0.6 Create inline spoilers and spoiler blocks with title and extendable body. Martin Korelič
🏠 ⬇️ Suitcase 0.3.3 Change the capitalization of selected text, and case-insensitive sorting Alon Diament
🏠 ⬇️ Table Formatter Plugin 1.2.1 Format the table under the cursor in Markdown editor Roman Musin
🏠 ⬇️ Tag Links 0.1.0 Insert the link of tags at the footer automatically Ben Lau
🏠 ⬇️ Tagging 1.0.3 Plugin to extend the Joplin tagging menu with a copy all tags and a tagging dialog with more control. (Formerly Copy Tags). JackGruber
🏠 ⬇️ Templates 2.4.0 This plugin allows you to create and use templates in Joplin. Nishant Mittal
🏠 ⬇️ Text Colorize 1.2.5 Easily apply color to text. Sadmice
🏠 ⬇️ TimeTagger Plugin 1.1.3 Time tracking with Joplin and TimeTagger Juan Arana
🏠 ⬇️ To Google Search 1.0.0 Selected Text to Web Google Search joe
🏠 ⬇️ Todoist to Joplin 1.0.1 Import your Todoist data into Joplin hjonin
🏠 ⬇️ Toggle Editor Menu & Keyboard Shortcut 1.0.1 Adds to the View menu a command to toggle between WYSIWIG and Markdown editors, with a keyboard shortcut Rafaël Jafferali
🏠 ⬇️ ToWebSearchEngine 1.0.2 Selected Text to ToWebSearchEngine joe
🏠 ⬇️ turnToChart 1.9.3 Transforms a markdown or csv table into an HTML chart Samuel Gagnepain
🏠 ⬇️ Typograms 1.0.0 Render Typogram diagrams inside your Joplin notes. Conlan Wesson
🏠 ⬇️ VexTab plugin for Joplin 0.1.2 A Joplin plugin for rendering guitar tablature using VexTab Franco Speziali
🏠 ⬇️ Victor 1.0.3 Victor can be used to clear all your data - notes, notebooks, attachments, tags, etc. Convenient to start over. Laurent Cozic
- ⬇️ VS-Code Style Note Search 0.0.1 Provides a search UI panel patterned after VS Code, with matches per note and per-match hit highlighting Mark Erikson
🏠 ⬇️ WakaTime 1.0.13 A Joplin plugin for WakaTime Nitish Sachar (uioporqwerty)
🏠 ⬇️ Wavedrom 1.0.0 Render Wavedrom diagrams inside your Joplin notes. Conlan Wesson
🏠 ⬇️ White Theme 1.3.0 A white theme for joplin BeatLink
🏠 ⬇️ Whitespacer 1.0.0 Display whitespaces in editor Martin Dörfelt
🏠 ⬇️ Zotero Link 1.0.2 Link Zotero entries in notes Jannes Magnusson