FauxPilot - an open-source GitHub Copilot server
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This is an attempt to build a locally hosted alternative to GitHub Copilot. It uses the SalesForce CodeGen models inside of NVIDIA's Triton Inference Server with the FasterTransformer backend.


You'll need:

  • Docker
  • docker compose >= 1.28
  • An NVIDIA GPU with Compute Capability >= 6.0 and enough VRAM to run the model you want.
  • nvidia-docker
  • curl and zstd for downloading and unpacking the models.

Note that the VRAM requirements listed by setup.sh are total -- if you have multiple GPUs, you can split the model across them. So, if you have two NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPUs, you should be able to run the 6B model by putting half on each GPU.

Support and Warranty


Okay, fine, we now have some minimal information on the wiki and a discussion forum where you can ask questions. Still no formal support or warranty though!


This section describes how to install a Fauxpilot server and clients.

Setting up a FauxPilot Server

Run the setup script to choose a model to use. This will download the model from Huggingface/Moyix in GPT-J format and then convert it for use with FasterTransformer.

Please refer to How to set-up a FauxPilot server.

Client configuration for FauxPilot

We offer some ways to connect to FauxPilot Server. For example, you can create a client by how to open the Openai API, Copilot Plugin, REST API.

Please refer to How to set-up a client.


  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • CC: Compute Capability
  • CUDA: Compute Unified Device Architecture
  • FT: Faster Transformer
  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
  • gRPC: Remote Procedure call by Google
  • GPT-J: A transformer model trained using Ben Wang's Mesh Transformer JAX
  • REST: REpresentational State Transfer