A blog system in which frontend and backend are ALL written in Rust. Backend powered by Warp and frontend built on Yew (WASM)
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Home page

>>更多截图/More screenshots

用户使用手册/User manual

User manual




  1. 使用本工具自带的Http Server
  2. 导出到Hugo
  3. 推送到支持Git pages的服务商,比如:GitHub Pages (即将推出)


  1. 单文件5 Mb跨平台可执行文件
  2. 两种工作模式1、带博客后台的创作模式2、纯文本文件服务器模式使用命令行-m参数)
  3. 自带 HTTP 服务(支持 HTTPS使用-p更换端口默认是80
  4. 所有嵌入静态资源均通过gzip压缩,优化网络传输
  5. 嵌入Markdown编辑器:tui.editor
  6. 导出Hugo数据,可以把软件当作一个静态网站的管理后端。
  7. 支持 i18n

A singleton self-serve Blog written in Rust (Warp + Yew)

Current version: 0.5.5

Deploy posts in 3 ways

  1. Use embedding http server of this tool directly
  2. Export posts to Hugo or other static site generator
  3. Push to any Git pages provider, like: GitHub Pages (Coming soon)


  1. Single executable file (5Mb), support Windows, Linux, macOS
  2. Two serve mode. One with Blog backend, another one is static file service ( Specified by -m command line argument )
  3. Self-hosting (TLS supported, port can be changed via command-line argument -p, default is 80)
  4. All static resources were gzipped for bandwidth optimization
  5. Embed Markdown editor with tui.editor
  6. Export posts for Hugo, you can simply use this as a static site management tool.
  7. i18n supported.

Thanks to JetBrains for supporting this project with a free open source license for their amazing IDE IntelliJ IDEA.

IntelliJ IDEA